Vagus Nerve Exercise

10 Minute Body Sensation Meditation

Therapeutic Play for Chronic Pain and Depression

As someone with over 20 years of experience treating chronic pain, I can tell you firsthand how beneficial play is not just for childhood development, but for lifelong health and thriving. In this video, I’ll dive deep into how play helps prepare you for life’s challenges, resolve overwhelming experiences, and promote adaptability and emotional regulation.

10 Minute Body Sensation Meditation

Oscillating Between Good and Bad Memories – Pendulation and Somatic Experience Exercise

This exercise involves oscillating between happy and distressing memories to facilitate emotional regulation. By recalling soothing memories to induce relaxation and then gently transitioning to distressing memories, individuals can observe their emotional and physical responses without becoming overwhelmed. The process aims to create a balanced rhythm between these contrasting memories, gradually reducing the intensity of distressing ones over time.

10 Minute Body Sensation Meditation

Guided Body Scan - Pendulation Exercise

In the video, I introduce a technique called Pendulation, which was coined by Dr. Peter Levine and aims at addressing chronic pain and trauma. He emphasizes reconnecting with the body rather than rejecting it due to pain. The pendulation exercise involves finding a quiet space, scanning the body for comfort and discomfort, and oscillating between focusing on areas of pain and areas of comfort. By observing and describing sensations without judgment, individuals can gradually release tension and trapped energy associated with pain, promoting resilience in the nervous system.

10 Minute Body Sensation Meditation

Guided Box Breathing - Pendulation Exercise

The Box Breath technique. It’s a simple yet effective way to calm the mind and re-establish that vital connection with your body. The Box Breath involves a rhythmic pattern of inhaling, holding, exhaling, and holding again, each for a count of four. This practice encourages relaxation and sharpens focus. Throughout the video, I stress the importance of integrating this technique into your daily routine. By doing so, you can significantly reduce stress levels and elevate your overall well-being.

10 Minute Body Sensation Meditation

Pendulation Exercises - Reclaim Connection With Your Body

Incorporating Pendulation practices into your daily life can be a powerful way to navigate between comforting and challenging memories or bodily sensations, providing essential self-care techniques for stress management. These practices not only help you regulate stress in the moment but also nurture resilience and foster a more positive relationship with your body and the sensations tied to unresolved issues and memories. I highly recommend making Pendulation exercises a part of your daily routine. 

10 Minute Body Sensation Meditation

10 Minute Body Awareness Meditation

Our bodily sensations are reflections of our unconscious mind, conveying messages through non-verbal signals. When practiced regularly, the Body Scan Meditation can become a potent tool for healing. Deb Dana puts it eloquently, “If there’s an argument between your body and your conscious mind, your body will always win.” Hence, forging a peace treaty between your conscious mind and your body is highly recommended.

Deep Pressure Therapy Exercise for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Deep Pressure Therapy Exercise for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Have you ever felt so stressed out that you couldn’t relax? When you are overwhelmed and unable to cope and recover, your nervous system can get stuck in perceiving the world as an uncertain place full of danger even when no threat exists. The solution to easing the effects of chronic stress is strengthening your capacity to reach places of calm, safety, and ease inside yourself. Deep Pressure Therapy is one of my favorite remedies for recovering from a stress spin.

Foam roller exercise for pain and stress relief

3 Minute Pain and Stress Relief Vagus Nerve Exercise

This 3 Minute Pain and Stress Relief Vagus Nerve Exercise is designed to give you immediate relief from stress. Especially stress caused by using electronic devices for hours and poor posture.

The Joy of Doing Nothing

Let me introduce an antidote to the productivity obsession from the Italian culture with a saying and philosophy of life called Il Dolce Far Niente. It translates as “how sweet it is to do nothing.” The joy of doing nothing means doing what you love instead of what you’re expected to or should do. In Italian culture, it’s considered an art in itself, the art of enjoyment, indulging yourself in activities that nurture you.

Therapeutic Play in Nature, a Vagus Nerve Exercise

If you’re suffering from chronic illness, you’re most likely overwhelmed by everything you think you should do to get better. There’s an endless list of tasks: diets, exercise, meditation, movement, therapies, journaling, etc. Of course, I advocate for all these practices because I do them myself.But sometimes, doing these things feels like another chore, another pressure. Now imagine if your self-care could feel like a gift instead, nurturing and fun, something you look forward to. 

why is the vagus nerve important to your health?

Why Is the Vagus Nerve Important for Your Health

The Vagus Nerve’s function is to adjust your physiology so you can adapt to your environment successfully. Adapting includes adjusting the heart and lung rate, hormone levels, blood flow, digestion, etc. For example, imagine the difference in your physiology when you run for your life from a tiger compared to going to sleep at night when you’re safe. Your physiology would be quite different in these two scenarios.

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