Pendulation Exercises | Reclaim Connection With Your Body

by Last updated Mar 5, 2024 | Published on Mar 4, 2024

(For a deeper dive into the science of Pendulation and its transformative effects, watch this comprehensive video)

[00:00] Introduction to pendulation and its origin.
[00:13] Explanation of the purpose of the exercises to reconnect with the body.
[00:42] Introduction to the Box breath exercise and its purpose for calming the mind.
[01:10] Instructions on how to perform the Box breath exercise.
[03:31] Conclusion and benefits of the Box breath exercise.
[04:25] Preparation for the pendulation exercise, finding a quiet space.
[05:34] Instructions on exploring sensations in the body and identifying areas of discomfort or pain.
[07:12] Choosing an area of discomfort for the pendulation exercise.
[07:42] Observing the chosen area of discomfort without judgment.
[09:04] Pendulating between the areas of discomfort and comfort.
[10:30] Returning to the sensation of ease and reflecting on the experience.
[12:48] Introduction to the pendulation exercise for emotional regulation.
[13:31] Preparation for the exercise, choosing a quiet and comfortable space.
[14:13] Recalling a soothing memory and immersing oneself in it.
[14:55] Transitioning to a distressing memory and exploring associated sensations.
[16:06] Pendulating between the distressing and soothing memories.
[16:41] Reflecting on emotions and experiences after the exercise.
[18:46] Summary of the benefits of pendulating between soothing and distressing memories or sensations.
[19:13] Recommendation to practice these exercises regularly for improved emotional regulation and resilience.


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